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Why Online Ballet Classes Are The Next Big Thing

Why Online Ballet Classes Are The Next Big Thing

Imagine having professional ballet training literally at your fingertips when you were your child's age. The future is here - Online Ballet Classes.

Why should you be utilizing online ballet classes and how do you find a great online program? Keep reading to find out!

Online Ballet Benefits

Benefit #1

Taking classes at the comfort of your home, and at the ease of your own schedule!

You have a busy life and that means carting your children to and from ballet classes can become very chaotic. 

Benefit #2

Professional Ballet Training - It's true, there's A LOT of ballet schools out there that are not offering quality training. Teachers that are not qualified or experienced in ballet and can only offer your children the bare minimum.

Finding a ballet teacher with professional experience is important. Depending on where you live, access to an accredited ballet teacher can often only be found online.

Benefit #3 

Cost - Ballet tuition can get EXPENSIVE. Unfortunately, there are so many children who dream of doing ballet but don't have access to to it because of the high expense.

A median cost for ballet tuition at a physical ballet school is about $375 a semester in comparison to $100 a semester for online instruction.

The fact that more children have access to ballet than ever before because of virtual learning expanding is so wonderful!

Benefit #4

Positive technology - As online access and technology increases for our youth so does the chance that they will encounter platforms that are harmful for their mental and physical state. Too many times have I seen children learning inappropriate dance moves to inappropriate music on social platforms.

By giving children access to something like online ballet classes, they will be moving their bodies in a positive way while learning great values and how to be self disciplined. 

Benefit #5

Health - We live in a time where the "C" word has a direct impact on all of our lives. If one good thing has come from it, it is the expansion of online learning.

Online Ballet classes create a healthy way for children to train from home without having to compromise their health. 

Benefit #6

Passion - It is imperative that children find something that they love to do and are passionate about. They learn to set goals and what it takes to achieve them in ballet. 

This is a great passion to have, as it sets positive values and morals that will help them out their entire lives.

Benefit #7

Values- Ballet teaches determination, confidence, balance, posture, coordination, agility, discipline, confidence, and the list just keeps going. These classes can be a very positive influence in your child's life!

How To Find Online Ballet Classes That Your Child Will Love

Find a program that overcomes the obstacles of online learning such so your children will stay motivated to learn. Here are some of the main obstacles online students face:

They get bored. If you find an online program where the instructor is teaching from a boring, empty room with poor video and audio quality, chances are that your child will not sit through an entire lesson. 

If the teacher is equally boring and doesn't have a good teaching method, nothing is going to stick. 

Classes should be energetic, exciting and vibrant! The sets should be changing, the audio should sound fantastic and the video quality should be stable and clear.

The teacher must use creative techniques to make your child understand what they are saying and the steps they are teaching.

Their voice and facial expressions should be captivating! 

Here is a great example for how the video and audio quality of a class should be. 

They can't follow the instructions. You want to find an online ballet program that specializes in teaching children.

Often times, courses that cater to all ages teach in an adult manner. This makes it incredibly hard and unclear for children to follow along. 

No Actual Learning Is Happening. Children need to feel involved with the lesson they are taking, not just observing. If they do not feel involved in the lesson, they will just merely be watching it.

The teacher should be talking with them not at them by using imagery, questions, and positive affirmations, to keep students engaged and working hard.

How To Make Sure Your Child Is Prepared For Online Ballet

  1. Set a routine - Children thrive on routine, by setting a specific time and day for their ballet class they will better understand what's going on and what to expect. Knowing exactly when they are taking their class also helps them to become self disciplined.

  2. Build excitement - Start having conversations about the ballet class even before they start, that way they are looking forward to it! It's so important for children to have something during their week that they look forward to. It's also important to have conversations with them weekly asking about their lessons and what they have learned.

  3. Set up the same designated dancing area each class - Children need a space that they know is their "dancing space". This makes them feel important and that their dance class is something special that they get to do!

  4. Positive Critique- Tell your child how great they are doing and how proud of them you are. This builds their confidence and helps them know that their hard work isn't going un-noticed and they are improving.

  5. Don't miss classes - Hold your children accountable! This will teach them discipline and how to follow through on things. If you let them skip class when they just don't feel like it, it will create a pattern and will likely spill over in many other areas in their lives.

  6. Attire - A perk of online ballet is that you can even do it in your pajamas, and don't have to worry about a uniform. BUT having a special ballet outfit can make it a more exciting experience for your child. Having ballet shoes can also be beneficial to learning new ballet steps. (Here's a guide on ballet class essentials if you want to learn more.)

  7. Device - Most online learning platforms come with on-demand videos. Nowadays you can stream on-demand videos on just about any device, whether it's a phone, tablet, laptop or a TV. For online ballet classes we think it is very helpful to stream classes on a TV because that is likely the largest screen you have in your house. 


Ballet has become accessible to anyone with internet access!

Online Ballet Classes are so enjoyable and are a great way for your children to learn and develop all of the wonderful attributes that ballet brings.

Looking for a great program? We would LOVE to dance with you! Learn more about our online ballet program





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