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The Ultimate Guide to Children's Tutu Dresses

The Ultimate Guide to Children's Tutu Dresses

There’s nothing more magical than a ballet inspired tutu dress

Children’s tutus can add magic to any occasion, whether they are playing dress up at home, going to a fancy tea party, having a celebration or even playing at the park. 

No matter the occasion, tutus and tutu dresses are always a good idea! The tutu traces all the way back to 1832 and is now a staple item in children’s fashion.

Tutus Are Fun & Multi-Purpose

From the playground to the party, nothing can dull your child’s sparkle in their beautiful tutu dress. There are no limits to where it is acceptable to wear a tutu and that is the joy of childhood.

We haven't even mentioned the best attribute that wearing a tutu dress brings…an instant confidence boost! 

It’s true, children feel special when they are wearing something special. When they feel special, they are confident and they aren’t afraid to sparkle and shine!

Clothing and fashion by its nature is one of the most emotional products we use daily; what we wear directly impacts the way we feel each day.

When children receive a beautiful tutu to wear, they will usually react with an instant smile and feeling of joy

You can dress just about any tutu up or down. If a tutu dress is being worn to the park or a casual event, it could be paired with some sneakers, rain boots or any active shoe. Depending on the weather, a jean jacket can be thrown over it as well.

If the tutu dress is being worn to a more formal  event, it could be paired with a fancier shoe choice and a pair of tights. Instead of a jean jacket, the tutu dress could be paired with a sweater. Your child can truly go from the playground to the party by simply styling the tutu differently

History of the Tutu Dress

The tutu symbolizes the iconic grace of ballet.

Tutus today come in thousands of different colors and styles, however, the origin was originally function over fashion. The skirt we know today as the ‘tutu’ traces all the way back to 1832 to a dancer named Marie Taglioni (1804-1884).

When Marie was 23, she joined The Paris Opera Ballet, where the ballet Les Sylphide was created for her to dance in. Marie was featured in a fluffy, free-flowing skirt that barely grazed her ankles so she could show off her pointe work. This skirt is now known as the ‘tutu’.

This was a historic moment in ballet because it was the first time a dancer was featured dancing on pointe in a ballet. Prior to Les Sylphide dancers had worn long, floor length skirts that wouldn't have been able​ to show off pointe work. The ‘tutu’ has evolved over the years, but can always be tied back to originating with ballet.

There are several theories on how the ‘tutu’ received its name because it wasn’t officially recorded until 1881. Some say that the tutu refers to the two layers of tulle that the traditional skirt had.

Now any skirt or dress that has any amount of tulle is referred to as a tutu or tutu dress.

Ideas on where to wear a tutu dress:

Ballet Class - A perfect setting for a tutu dress because after all, the tutu was originally meant for ballet dancers. The tutu will drift and flow through the air with every twirl and every grand movement. Ballet class and a tutu go hand in hand; ballet class makes children think of twirling in tutus and every time they put on a tutu they will think of the excitement of ballet class. 

Parties - Some tutu dresses can be intended for a very special occasion like a birthday party or any other celebration. A tutu dress will make your child stand out from the crowd at any gathering. It's not a party until there's a tutu dress involved!

Dress Up - Dress up is a childhood favorite and is so important for imaginative play. When a child puts on a tutu dress they can pretend they are a famous ballerina, a lovely princess, and enchanted fairy or anything else their imagination can conjure up.

Where To Get The Best Child’s Tutu

When looking for a very special tutu dress, Ballet Land has the most perfect tutus for any and every occasion.

  • Grand Jeté Dress - The dress bodice is full of silver sequins with a v shaped back leading to a beautiful, giant bow. There is a zipper on the right side and it is lined with a soft cotton material for comfort. The skirt is layered with tiers of bright pink tulle, perfect for soaring grand jetés!
  • The Relevé Dress - This dress has a blush pink stretchy lace bodice with ribbon straps that tie into bows for an adjustable fit. The front of the bodice is lined with soft cotton for comfort. The skirt is layered with tiers of Ivory tulle, perfect for relevés and walking on your tippy toes!
  • The Pirouette Dress -  This dress has a blush pink sequin bodice with a detailed, stretchy blush pink lace back. The skirt is layered with tiers of soft blush pink tulle. Perfect for pirouettes and twirling!
  • The Pink Chassé Dress - This dress has a soft, stretchy leotard with convenient snap closures. The short sleeves have a single sweet ruffle on both shoulders. Fluffy layers of beautiful tulle are attached to create the perfect tutu.
  • The Classic Ballet Tutu - This classic, professional style tutu is exquisite in every detail! The leotard and straps are stretchy, allowing a perfect fit. The leotard has a beautiful appliqué attached to it with pearl embellishments. There is a gold trim around the top creating a heart shape. The tutu itself is attached to the leotard and is a pancake style classic tutu. Each layer of tulle is securely tacked together to allow the tutu to keep its classic shape. The tutu is finished off with a gorgeous appliqué of tiny flowers and leaves around the edges. There are also rhinestones scattered throughout the tutu for extra shine.

P.S. Looking for ballet classes to wear your tutu to? Join our Virtual Studio!


The tutu is an all-time ballet classic. It’s cute, fun, and magical all in one.

Get your daughter one, or three, today and let them experience the beauty.

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